Reasons to Locate to Colorado

Mountain View
Colorado has what your business needs to succeed and grow, like low business costs, extensive infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce, and an exceptional quality of life.

Proven Performance

Colorado consistently ranks among the top states as a place to live and to succeed in business. Colorado received the highest grades for business vitality, financial resources, innovation assets, entrepreneurship, and business competitiveness from the Corporation for Enterprise Development.

Business-Friendly Environment

Low taxes, a fair and accessible regulatory environment, and low business costs foster Colorado's favorable business climate. Colorado provides a competitive business tax structure that rewards investment and innovation, and property taxes are low.

Highly Educated Workforce

Colorado has a highly educated, technically savvy workforce, contributing to its strong position in the advanced technology and service industries of the future. The State of Colorado ranks second in the nation for percentage of residents with highest education attainment degrees for 25 years plus.

Fertile Ground for Innovation

Colorado is an undeniable leader in innovation and technology. According to the Milken Institute, Colorado ranks second in the nation in technology and science in 2016. Colorado has a deep pool of high-tech companies of all sizes that is ever growing.

Foundations of Commerce

Colorado is a regional, national, and international transportation hub. Skytrax World Airport Awards ranked Denver International Airport fourth as the Worlds Best Regional Airport and Best Airport Staff in North America for 2017. Colorado's energy consumption and utility rates are some of the lowest in the nation. The state's average prices for electricity are 24.3% lower than the national average.

A Wealth of Resources

Colorado is richly endowed with the expertise and capital needed to support businesses at every stage. Milken Institute ranked Colorado third in the country with the risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure composite index for 2016. Funding, services, workforce, industry groups, and state and local governments work in concert to help companies expand and grow in Colorado.

A Most Livable State

A unique combination of spectacular scenery, recreational opportunities, moderate climate, excellent facilities for arts and culture, and world-class health care and public school systems make Colorado an ideal place to call home. A reasonable cost of living, low crime rates, and a wide selection of communities to suit every lifestyle contribute to what is widely recognized as an exceptional quality of life. Colorado is home to 40 state and four national parks and is a leader in recycling and renewable energy.

Central Location

Located 346 miles west of the geographic center of the continental United States, Colorado is an excellent location for doing business with the entire nation. The state is located in the Mountain Time Zone, allowing communications with both coasts, and with Europe, South America, and East Asia in the same business day. Colorado also boasts 'one-bounce' satellite uplinks that provide real-time connections to six continents in a single business day.